Conch Republic Grill shells
Conch Republic Grill shells


Our History

“Tomorrow at Noon,
the Florida Keys will secede from the Union”

These words proclaimed by Key West Mayor Dennis Wardlow on April 23, 1982, signified the birth of “The Conch Republic”. This declaration of independence was brought about by a blockade of the Keys set up by the U.S. Border Patrol. Mayor Wardlow’s attempts to obtain an injunction from the Federal Court were denied and the protest quickly took to the streets. As promised, the rebellion began and in a battle that seemed to last for minutes (actually, it lasted one minute) a lone naval officer was pelted with stale Cuban bread by local citizen-soldiers of the newly formed “Conch Republic”. Seeking to avoid any further violence, bloodshed and loss of food, Mayor Wardlow surrendered to the Admiral in charge of the naval base on Key West. Upon surrendering, the “Conchs” demanded One Billion Dollars in foreign aide to help rebuild their war ravaged country. This request was refused, but the blockade was removed.

Our Vision

As owners of this fine establishment, we salute this spirit of humor and uniqueness. About a decade ago, we declared our independence from the corporate world so we could open “The Conch Republic Grill” for you and our neighbors. We want to provide you with a place that embodies these qualities and allows you a tropical getaway. Our dishes are served with a spirit of friendliness and a dash of humor. Welcome to our world, and Enjoy!


Conch Republic Grill

16699 Gulf Boulevard,

North Redington Beach, FL 33708

Phone. 727-320-0536